Promise Land Pastures

New Kids On The Block!!

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Promise Land Pastures is home to a growing herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Our girls are registered with the American Goat Society or AGS. We have been having a number of kids born on the farm recently. There isn’t much that’s cuter than a baby goat! here are a few of the new additions…

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New Full-time Intern

David Foeckler, had just graduated high school, and was considering working as an intern on a farm for a temporary first experience away from home before starting college.

Diesel class!

Fall After School Workshops

After school classes open up a vast potential of student impact. The idea is to bring in volunteer experts who will be instructors in a class on their field of expertise once a week for four to six weeks. Then we open up these opportunities to students to come and gain valuable experience and knowledge. There is no limit to what we may be able to teach with this new system.

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